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Medical Videos

As the leading source of vibration training for therapeutic purposes for doctors and medical staff Vibra Pro has created several training videos to show how their machines can best be used by people suffering from certain medical conditions.

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Weight Loss

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Increase Strength

Vibration Therapy – Multiple Sclerosis

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Reduction of Cellulite

Whole Body Vibration Benefit – Reduces Muscle and Back Pain

Vibration Therapy – Arthritis

Vibration Therapy – Osteoporosis

Vibration Therapy – Diabetes

Vibration Therapy – Parkinsons

Vibration Therapy – Fibromyalgia

The use of Vibra Pro vibration machines for therapeutic purposes has grown greatly in North America over the past few years. We are seeing more and more doctors and rehabilitation clinics incorporating the use of our products.

As with any new technology the professional staff who use these machines require proper training, as do the end users who use the machines in their own home.

Vibra Pro has long been committed to the proper education of professionals and end users alike. We strongly believe that the correct use of the proper vibration machine can help many different people that currently suffer from a wide variety of ailments.

Just as different medical conditions have varying symptoms and require different courses of treatment, specific medical conditions require specific types of vibration therapy and specific exercises to get the best benefits.

Vibra Pro manufactures machines that offer various motion styles such as oscillation, spiral rotational, soft triplanar, triplanar, cross lateral and dynamic wave. These motions are very different from one another and certain motions are very beneficial for specific concerns and others are of little or no benefit for other concerns. It is very important to use the machine with the correct motion style for specific therapy purposes.

If you or someone you know is suffering from any of these conditions please watch the accompanying video to see how to best use a whole body vibration machine to help alleviate some of the concerns associated with that specific medical condition.

Testimonial Videos

Jim Miki (Age: 78)

Don with Parkinsons

Frieda (Age: 61)